Membership Information


The annual subscription is payable on the 1st of January each year and there are two classes of membership full and junior.

FULL MEMBERSHIP, ladies and gentlemen over 18 years are eligible on payment of the annual subscription. Currently the annual subscription is £30.00 for adults having the same address.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP, members children can be registered with a ‘one-off’ payment of £1.00, to run until they are 18 years old, or until their parents are no longer members, whichever is the sooner. They have no voting rights.

The fee for joining the club after 1st July is currently £16.00.


New members will be issued with a full copy of the club rules. Both the proposer and the seconder must be full members of the club. If however, you are not known to any existing members, the committee has the power to elect you on receipt of the relevant form.

The term ‘ Vintage’ as defined by this club applies to vehicles manufactured before 31st December 1939 for inclusion in the register

Please fill in all details on the membership form and return to the membership secretaries.

Maurice & Wendy Gallaher
Malting Farm
Malting Farm Lane
Essex CO7 7QG

Tel 01206 230207