TEST – Future Events #2


1927 2 Ltr Lagonda Saloon


A fun day out in the sun and we hope a future member







Silver Eagle


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Dates for you  diary:

Indoor meetings, 2.30pm, take place at the Langham Community Centre, School Road, Langham, CO4 5PA, unless otherwise stated.  Members are advised to check the dates and events on the latest Newsletter as occasionally alterations to the programme have to be made. 



Tuesday November 7th Lunch at “The George” Hintlesham

Monday November 20th Langham “The Titfield Thunderbolt”.

Wednesday December 13th Lunch at “The Brewer’s Arms” Polstead Heath. 

Monday 15th January Langham: More Charlie Haycock.

Monday February Langham: Archive Film Show. 

Monday 18th March Langham: Richard Humphries “Silk from China to the Essex Suffolk boarders. 

Monday 15th April Langham: James Winter and his Antiques Roadshow.,

Wednesday 27th March Lunch Snap Maltings

Thursday 25th April Lunch Melton